Tutorial: Rule of thirds

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One of the most well known and widely used compositional techniques is the ‘Rule of thirds‘. Originally it was used as a guide to help landscape artists in the mid-19th century, but it was quickly discovered as a handy tool for photographers as well.

Why use the ‘Rule of thirds’?

The idea behind the rule of thirds is to stop the photographer putting the subject in the centre of the frame. By doing this it allows the viewer more opportunity to explore the image as a whole rather than be fixed on the central point. For this rule to apply, you simply need to imagine that your frame is divided into nine equal sections with lines crossing the horizontal and vertical areas of the image. Or to make things easier still, go to the FRAMING GUIDELINE option found on your Fujifilm camera and turn the GRID 9 option on.

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What else can I feel?

It’s 11:07 am and I am in the verge of boredom. I hope my next holiday will not going to be the same way as I’m feeling now. All I can do at home is house chores, sleep, watching tv and the best thing I could, chatting. Yea what else can I feel?

I was expecting a great holiday since the two last weeks we sat for final exam 1st Semester. I planned so much but nothing seems to work well instead, everything was just. a. piece. of. boredom. I wish I can write better but the main reason I write is to express my feelings. I do sing at home but I need more! I miss K-Box a lot though, huh.

So, talking about semester. I am very upset to know that my high school year is going to end soon. Yes guys, time flies too fast I just can’t. I just can’t accept the reality that I’m reaching 17 and 2016. I just can’t believe that everything is going to change soon. Walking into different paths sure sounds awkward and sad. But most of all, I am getting nearer to my career year just after my university year.

Not just that. I am very sad to know that my Familyeleven isn’t going to be with me anymore in the next two years. I mean, they will but I wouldn’t get the chance to see them everyday. It’s so heartbreaking to know after being together since 2012. Familyeleven has the place in my heart and I wouldn’t be able to forget them. Ever. They are the nicest thing that has ever came into my life and I don’t know what is going to happen to me without them-what is going to happen to them without me. I am obviously acting like I am too clingy to my friends. But why not take a moment to appreciate them, right?

Yes, I am clingy. I cannot lie that being clingy has already become the resemblance to my life. After all, we shall cling to God too, don’t we? So, I couldn’t tell how much I love my friends because they are just too much. I love the way we (familyeleven) have been through the bumpy years and happy roads. Sure all of these made us what we are today. Matured. Matured but you know that kind of feelings when we still have the childish act inside 🙂

So this will be my last paragraph but I am surely going to post soon. I hope to treasure dull and happy moments with you readers. Bye


Hello there! Forever wishing that no one sees this but this wasn’t my first time having a blog… how sad can this be after 3 times trial in keeping my blogs safe failed :’) so it proves so much how i wanted thebeautifulworthylove.wordpress.com to stay till I end.

So first of all i would love to wish a very happy holiday to everyone. Sure my holiday isn’t fun (as always). Staying at home, babysitting, things im being used to so no worries peace out guys.The fact that i haven’t been to Imago is also sad. i gained 2 kgs and no one cares (is also sad). The fact how i wanted everyone in my family understands my teenage life well (is also sad).

Moving on to my next point is now is 0000 so its 9th of June! Here in Sabah we mourn for the recent earthquake. but i believe God bless the world and my friend told me that there’s nothing to be afraid of if you, yourself believe 🙂 i hope u guys still don’t mind me randomly blogging because i am hungry but am lazy to sneak into the kitchen and get some snacks. So my next topic is going to be about how on earth thebeautifulworthylove exists.

thebeautifulworthylove simply represents how i exist in this world too. Belle=beautiful Amanda=worthy love. wishing they are true and related to my everyday life hahahaha. Btw i am choosing Yvette which means ‘praised’ for my confirmation name. before, i have doubts in picking either Rafaela, Loretta or Bianca but mom chosed Yvette so let’s just think that mom’s choices are always the best.

So i think that’s all for now. It’s Tuesday so have a blessed Tuesday guys goodbye!